My First Running Injury

strained-tendonIt has happened.  I’m injured.

This morning while I was running, I noticed a pain near the bottom of my leg – the more you run, the more you become in tune with what are normal aches and pains and what’s different.  This was definitely different.  I was at about mile 10 or 11, and it wasn’t intense pain that I had to stop – more just something that didn’t feel normal, so I kept running, and finished my 12 miles just fine.

Anyway – later in the day, I realized that the pain was still there.  I started quietly freaking out – had I fractured a bone?  Would I need x-rays?  Lol – you’d think I was a real athlete.  

Fortunately, my uncle is a physical therapist so I went for a free examination.  He diagnosed a strained or stretched tendon at the bottom of the muscle that runs down my leg bone (he gave me the correct anatomical terms, but I didn’t process them – just really wanted to know how to fix it!  Lol), and prescribed icing.

So here I am – icing my strained tendon.  WebMD says rest the affected muscle and avoid any activity that may cause pain.  Sure – as long as I can run on Tuesday!


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