Cautiously Optimistic…

back-to-runningThe last time y’all saw me, I was icing my foot and reporting that I’d done something not-so-good to one of my tendons.  I didn’t run at all that week.  Last Sunday, I went for a short jog, and then I did three miles one day during the week.  Spoke to Lloyd last night and his instructions were to try 10 miles today – if things went well, we’d get back into the swing of things.  If they didn’t, we’d rest again this week.

I’m happy to report I did 9.5 miles this morning, with no (so far) noticeable issues, apart from the regular soreness one feels when one hasn’t run in two weeks and one decides to just up and do 10 miles.  (What happened to the other .5 mile?  Laziness.  Lol).


So I’m cautiously optimistic that we are back on track.  We’ll see what Lloyd says later.  Speaking of Lloyd – when you’re doing something that you’ve never done before, it’s way cool to have someone around who’s walked the path many times before  to keep you from doing stupidness.  Lol.

When I told him what happened to my foot, the first thing he said was no running this week.  The VERY NEXT thing he said was (I’m paraphrasing), “You have lots of time till Chicago.  Don’t freak out.”  I hadn’t said a word about freaking out, but that’s EXACTLY what I was doing in my head!  I spent all Sunday night worrying.  I was so close to 20 miles and now I was hurt.  Would I recover in time?  I only had two more months.  Was all this training in vain?  Yep – freaking out.  Lol.

I’m under control now.  If things are still good this evening, we’ll continue running.  If not, we’ll rest.  We’ll see.



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