Ladies – Help Me Out. Why Are You Marching?


Image courtesy Women’s March on Washington official Eventbrite page

I haven’t blogged in ages, and I feel as though this particular blog could make me lose my women’s card (lol).  I need someone to explain to me the purpose of Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.


I just visited the March’s Eventbrite page, looking for a plan; I was disappointed.  There is no set of steps to be taken AFTER the march.  So we march.  Then what?

I am probably being a little cynical (ok, maybe a lot), but I feel as though “marching” has become the latest “in” thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  Marching is great.  It brings attention to the cause.

But we can’t just march.

Change required sitting in at lunch counters.  It required moving from the back of the bus to the front.  It required desegregation of white schools.  It required doing something.

Are we going to elect more women to Congress?  (You do know that only 20% of our congress is made up of women, right?  Perhaps if there were more women in power, they might pass more laws that benefit women?)

Are we going to watch Jeff Sessions like a hawk to ensure the Justice Department protects women and minorities in our country?  Are we going to call our elected officials and let them know what it is we want them to do?

Are we going to teach our girls to love themselves and to stop the stupid competitiveness we women always seem to have amongst ourselves?

Or are we just going to march?