This is also a head game…

paramedics-running-memeMy friend Marlon sent me this picture; he said he thought about me and my running when he saw it.  This could have been me today, actually.  Lol.  I ended up not running today because on Thursday and Friday nights, I was working on some stuff and got only a few hours sleep each night.  We did a quick trip on Saturday, and when I realized we wouldn’t be home until early in the morning – I decided to push my Sunday run, as I totally didn’t feel prepared for it.

Because it’s so hot these days, and because I’m as slow as molasses, I try to get my runs in as early as possible, so that I avoid the heat.  Had I done that this morning, I would have had another night of just four or so hours sleep, and I wasn’t feeling doing 16 miles on a tired body. Continue reading


Long Run Sunday – Simple Math

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The other day I had to schedule a conference call: I was going to be in MD, one coworker was in Cali, the customer was in Hawaii, and one other coworker in Germany. It was crazy trying to keep all the time zones straight. After lots of counting, I sent out the invite. And immediately realized that it was the wrong time! I’d subtracted three hours for Cali, instead of adding. Sigh. Lol. 

What does this have to do with my marathon?   I made a similar math miscalculation. After I finished my half on May 7, I was done. I had to cross the road to walk back to my car and I couldn’t even run across the road as the sign turned to “Don’t Walk”. I couldn’t imagine running anywhere else that day. But for some reason, it never clicked to me that in order to run any distance longer than 13 miles, I’d have to run 13 miles first. Lol. Duh Melissa!The realization that I’m gonna be running several half marathons (I’d never thought of it that way) between now and October was a bit intimidating. 

So I went back to simple math. This morning I ran 13 miles. +1. 

June 18 long run. Check. 

Why I’m running Chicago

Making Progress…

After Alton Sterling and Philando Castille were killed, I started writing.  I wrote Prince George’s County Exec Rushern Baker and Prince George’s County Police Chief Harry Stawinski, III to discuss how I felt about the recent spate of citizen shootings by police officers.  I am happy to report that I received responses from both.  Exec Baker’s office reached out two days after they got my letter and put me in contact with Chief Stawinski’s Chief of Staff – Jacqueline Rafterry.  I started a crazy travel schedule shortly after, but was finally able to hook up with Major Rafterry on Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

Wait a Minute! There *Are* Good Cops!


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Today’s post is simply me reposting a feel good story I received from The Daily GOOD.  It’s a reminder that not all cops are bad.  Let’s find the good ones and support them.

Acclaimed rapper The Game made headlines last week when he joined Snoop Dogg for a peaceful protest march in Los Angeles that was designed to help foster better communications between the black community and the Los Angeles Police Department. But his latest move might be even more historic. Continue reading

My German Chronicles – Day 1

I’m sitting at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International waiting to board a flight to Frankfurt. I’ll be in Germany for a week, visiting some Army customers. Jon – I’m going to miss doing this trip with you!! It’s my first trip to Germany – so I’m looking forward to it! The fun has started already. 
Usually, I arrive at the airport as late as I possibly can to still catch my flight. Lol. For today’s flight I decided I would break that tradition and get there almost two hours early. And we were doing great! Enjoyed brunch with the fam and was on schedule to arrive at Dulles at 1pm for a 2:50pm flight, when all the lights on the car’s dash came on and we stsrted to lose power. Fortunately, Vaughn was able to pull over to a little alley without incident. But the car wouldn’t start.
Long story short – my brother Paul came to the rescue, with jumper cables and all, and he took me to the airport. Made the flight with no issues! (Our alternator is dead tho. I am accepting donations to fix it! Lol). The IAD to ATL flight was uneventful and I’m hoping this leg will be also. 
Talk with you tomorrow, by which time I should have navigated my way to my hotel in my manual transmission rental car, and had my first customer meeting and demo. We are hitting the ground running! 
Auf Wiedersehen!
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But If the Bulls Didn’t Have Jordan…


I haven’t been closely following this year’s NBA season. I used to be an avid (rabid is probably a more accurate word) fan. But over the past 10 years or so, my ardor has cooled. I catch up during the playoffs.

In my periphery vision, I knew that the Warriors were tracking the Bulls’ 72-win season. After reading an article Vaughn sent me today about Steve Kerr, I started clicking around and came across these stupid discussions about whether these Warriors are better than those Bulls.  Continue reading

Why You like “House of Cards”, “GoT”, etc.

There’s scientific “proof” to explain our fascination with television’s most popular shows! It’s no coincidence that we get excited about these shows, that we talk about them as though they’re friends, that we can “binge watch” them to catch up. An article in Time magazine posits that the popular shows have several things in common, and that these things will pull us in all the time.

I’m not going to be able to finish my 500 words tonight. Too sleepy. But I wanted to get this in, so I can finish it tomorrow.