Jesus is Amazing!

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Today I was challenged that I don’t talk about Jesus enough. The challenge stung because it’s true. I have many reasons – I think people don’t want to hear about Him. I think people will think I’m crazy for talking about Him. I don’t want to impose on people. I realize that I’ve let Jesus become commonplace in my life, despite the fact that much of my life revolves around the fact that I am a Christian.

So I just want to say a few things about Him today. I am amazed by how He comes through for people. One of my friends had her mom go missing over the weekend. I don’t know all the details – just saw some posts on Facebook on it, but the gist is that her mom was missing for about 20 hours. She asked for prayer that they would find her mom, and was ecstatic in her post of relief, thanking Him for answering everyone’s prayers.

I am amazed by how He gives people strength to endure extreme trials. Another friend posted that over the past two years, her aunt has buried her husband, daughter, twin brother, nephew, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and now her son. Who can withstand grief and death like that? This woman has been able to, with the strength that she gets from Jesus.  She’s not the first person that He’s done this for, nor will she be the last.

Jesus is AMAZING! 

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