Go Ahead and Pray – It’s a Copout!

My heart has been heavy the past few weeks because of the confusion that is currently happening at the George E. Peters Seventh-day Adventist School.  I don’t know what it is about Adventist education, but we have a hard time getting it right.  And I am tired of us being the “tail” and not the “head”.

I struggled when deciding to send Jalen to GEP.  I decided to mostly because we are an “Adventist education” family.  My siblings and I matriculated from Adventist schools from elementary to tertiary.  Same for my husband’s siblings.  There were problems (some very serious) at each level.  Everyone knew this, but the prevailing sentiment was, “Don’t worry; God will take care of it.”


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What Vaccines Taught Me About Prayer


Image courtesy Melissa Andrews

Yesterday Joshua had to get four shots from his pediatrician. The experience reinforced some things I have been trying to sort out about prayer recently.

I didn’t tell him about the shots on the way to the office, but after the nurse checked him out and we were waiting on the doctor to come in, he asked if he was going to get a shot. I nodded and told him he would be getting four.

His little face fell. I asked him if he was scared. He said yes. So I told him we could pray about it, and he said ok – so we did. Here’s the thing though: Continue reading

Should I Let You Call Me Nigger?



This weekend, while a friend of mine was preaching at a black history event at a mostly white university, students on social media were making racial comments about him in particular and blacks in general.


The Adventist social media blogosphere was awash with comments about the incident; many called for the school to stop students from using Yik Yak and to get Yik Yak to identify the students in question so they could be “punished”. Continue reading

Be Good to Megan


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So of course I had no idea that Megan Goode was embroiled at the center of a modesty scandal.  For the most part – I pay celebrities no mind.  They don’t mind me either, so I think it’s fair.  🙂  My cousins, as they usually do, have enlightened me.  I only have 250 words, so here’s what I’ll say on the subject. Continue reading

Jesus is Amazing!

image from dreamstime.com

image from dreamstime.com

Today I was challenged that I don’t talk about Jesus enough. The challenge stung because it’s true. I have many reasons – I think people don’t want to hear about Him. I think people will think I’m crazy for talking about Him. I don’t want to impose on people. I realize that I’ve let Jesus become commonplace in my life, despite the fact that much of my life revolves around the fact that I am a Christian.

So I just want to say a few things about Him today. I am amazed by how He comes through for people. One of my friends had her mom go missing over the weekend. I don’t know all the details – just saw some posts on Facebook on it, but the gist is that her mom was missing for about 20 hours. She asked for prayer that they would find her mom, and was ecstatic in her post of relief, thanking Him for answering everyone’s prayers.

I am amazed by how He gives people strength to endure extreme trials. Another friend posted that over the past two years, her aunt has buried her husband, daughter, twin brother, nephew, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and now her son. Who can withstand grief and death like that? This woman has been able to, with the strength that she gets from Jesus.  She’s not the first person that He’s done this for, nor will she be the last.

Jesus is AMAZING! 

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