I’m Alright 

Some days the smallest things get you. 3 miles should be a no brainer for me by now. But I struggled this morning. I had to turn on my iPod to get some extra energy to keep me going. But I was so glad I did. Kirk Franklin’s “Road Trip” came in about halfway through the run and I had that song on repeat till I finsihed the three miles. Probably gonna play it all day. 

I get tired, but it’s alright. ‘Cause I see what’s coming. And I’m alright. 

Oh – that three miles? 4 minutes faster than my 5k race on Tuesday. In almost 80-degree temperatures at 6:30 in the morning.  Sometimes when you’re struggling, you really can’t see how well you’re doing.  Just gotta keep pushing through till you finish. 

I’m alright. 


Give Me Music or Give Me Death!


[Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

Tonight I thought about how wonderful the gift of music is.  Have you ever stopped to consider how many songs have been written over the existence of the world?  And even though I’m only considering the English-speaking world, with the 8-tone scale, I can’t wrap my head around what that number must be.  The mind-boggling thing is that people continue to write new music!  Yes, there are the occasional remakes, but for the most part, people are cranking out new music.  It’s absolutely amazing.

The other thing is the many different genres of music that have been created.  This Christmas I fell in love with the group Pentatonix and their PTXmas Deluxe album. Continue reading