On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!


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I grew up watching Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses run track.  My dad ran track while he was in high school, and he loved watching track and field, and so we watched too.  He’s actually where I get my love of sports from – we grew up watching basketball (Lakers, of course!!), tennis, swimming…fun stuff.

At every Olympics, I imagined myself a world class sprinter.  I have a great imagination!  Lol.  Evelyn Ashford (first woman to run the 100m under 11 seconds at an Olympic games) was my girl!  I was never a Flo Jo fan though (not gonna make any comments about steroids).

I am talking about track and field because tomorrow I do my first speedwork run in my marathon training.  I am supposed to go to the track and run 400m as fast as I can, rest one minute, then repeat that sequence four times.   Continue reading


But If the Bulls Didn’t Have Jordan…


I haven’t been closely following this year’s NBA season. I used to be an avid (rabid is probably a more accurate word) fan. But over the past 10 years or so, my ardor has cooled. I catch up during the playoffs.

In my periphery vision, I knew that the Warriors were tracking the Bulls’ 72-win season. After reading an article Vaughn sent me today about Steve Kerr, I started clicking around and came across these stupid discussions about whether these Warriors are better than those Bulls.  Continue reading

Penny Hardaway? A Blast from the Past!

from youtube.com

from youtube.com

I just watched an awesome video!  It’s part of ESPN’s E:60 series, which I hadn’t known about until my brother sent me the link to this particular video.  It’s the story of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, a former NBA All-Star going back to his hometown of Binghampton, TN, to help one of his childhood friends coach a middle school team.  The team – the Lester Middle School Lions – went on to win the state championship that year and the following year.  It was a wonderful “feel good” story about a guy I hadn’t heard much about in a loooooong time. Continue reading