Tears of Joy

Little african american baby girl crying - Black People

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I sat at a traffic light this afternoon crying because Hanya Yanagihara had just done something so amazing for Jude St. Francis – something so deserving, so perfect – that it brought tears not only to my eyes, but down my cheeks.

I am a reader.  I’d like to say “avid” reader but…life.  Fellow readers know the enjoyment one experiences when a book makes you truly care about what is going to happen when you flip the page.  How words on a page can cause you to feel rage, anger, sadness, desperation, indifference, happiness, triumph, love – toward people who may or may not exist!  Yes, Hanya Yanagihara is an author, Jude St. Francis one of the protagonists in her fictional book – A Little Life – and yes, I was crying because of a book! Continue reading


So Much To Read…So Little Time…

From rootzwiki.com

From rootzwiki.com

I sit here at 11:28 p.m. on Saturday night, again starting #My500words post much later than I planned. I went to an event this evening that I would have liked to skip, but did not think it was a politically wise thing to do. It also didn’t help that I got myself involved in the planning for the event.

So anyway, I log into WordPress, and see the most recent post from Blogs I Follow. It’s actually from WordPress, listing some of the highlights of 2013 postings. So I’m supposed to be writing my blog entry, but this post is interesting – I want to see what’s considered a highlight, so I stop to read it. And find some things that I want to read Continue reading