I Might Be Ugly, But I’m Blessed

Yesterday at church the pastor’s sermon title was today’s blog topic. It’s something I never thought I’d hear discussed in church – the hurt that unattractive people feel when their looks are made fun of.

As someone who experienced quite a bit of that during high school – that time when we really start noticing that looks matter – it brought back some painful memories. But it also reminded me, as he said, how blessed I am.  Continue reading


But If the Bulls Didn’t Have Jordan…


I haven’t been closely following this year’s NBA season. I used to be an avid (rabid is probably a more accurate word) fan. But over the past 10 years or so, my ardor has cooled. I catch up during the playoffs.

In my periphery vision, I knew that the Warriors were tracking the Bulls’ 72-win season. After reading an article Vaughn sent me today about Steve Kerr, I started clicking around and came across these stupid discussions about whether these Warriors are better than those Bulls.  Continue reading