The Racial Inequity of Standing in Line!

Customers line up to buy new iPhones and other gadgets in Chicago on 9/21/2018
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My friend Marquis sent me a couple of articles that addressed the furor that has developed over Popeye’s new chicken sandwich and people standing in line to get one.  Full disclosure:  I too have stood in line attempting to get the sandwich, but have left because it just wasn’t worth the wait to me. 

I am generally against the shaming of anyone, but was glad to see that the internet took Janelle Monae (and others) to task for asking whether the black people standing in lines at Popeye’s would be standing in similar lines at polling booths during elections.

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My Vegan Egg Experiment


corn muffins made using flaxseed egg

Before I left for Arizona last week, I went grocery shopping, anticipating that if I got home, we’d be snowed in.  Operation #GetMelissaHome was successful. I rolled into the kitchen on Saturday morning ready to cook, only to realize with shock that I hadn’t bought eggs!!

For most people, this probably wouldn’t have been a problem, but all the men in my house are vegetarian.  I planned to make a couple of veggie loaves to span the days I anticipated we would be snowed in.  Most vegetarian loaves require…eggs. Continue reading

I Can’t Drink Anymore!!!



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For some crazy reason, I decided to go on this 10-day green smoothie cleanse with some girlfriends.  Those of you who know me well know that I am the anti-natural-anything.  I believe in drugs.  There was no question of me not having an epidural (and for the record, childbirth was NOT intended to be painful – that only came after the distribution of bruised heels and stepped-on heads as detailed in Genesis 3.  Don’t believe me?  Which part of pain would have belonged in perfect Eden?  But I digress…).  Anyway, suffice it to say, I do not do natural.

So I signed up with much fear and trepidation.  The ONLY reason I went ahead with it is that the instructions said that you could eat nuts and crunchy vegetables when you got hungry. Continue reading