The Racial Inequity of Standing in Line!

Customers line up to buy new iPhones and other gadgets in Chicago on 9/21/2018
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My friend Marquis sent me a couple of articles that addressed the furor that has developed over Popeye’s new chicken sandwich and people standing in line to get one.  Full disclosure:  I too have stood in line attempting to get the sandwich, but have left because it just wasn’t worth the wait to me. 

I am generally against the shaming of anyone, but was glad to see that the internet took Janelle Monae (and others) to task for asking whether the black people standing in lines at Popeye’s would be standing in similar lines at polling booths during elections.

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Akala – #forthewin

I do not have words to describe the pleasure I had listening to this interview.  This young man is AMAZING!  So, so, so articulate.  Once again, my little brother turned me on to something fantastic.  Thank you, Maxwell.  🙂

Akala talks about race relations in the UK, focusing on experiences of West Indians (he says Caribbeans – I hate that term :-D) who migrated to England, and their children’s experiences. There’s also a dash of the “myth of meritocracy” thrown in for additional flavor.  The story resonated heavily with me – myself a child of West Indian parents who migrated to the US.  But the power in his words is not that he discusses racism against blacks; it’s how he shows the oppression of those in power toward those WITHOUT power, regardless of skin color. Continue reading

The Hoodie: A Perfectly Good Piece of Clothing – Ruined

hoodieI think the hoodie is probably one of the most functional pieces of clothing invented.  It’s basically a hat that goes where you go, and stays attached to your clothing, so you don’t forget it someplace.  It protects your ears from the wind, and your hair from the sleet.  Depending on the style of the neck, you can tuck your chin in and run.  You usually have a nice set of connected pockets for your hands.  It’s made for cool weather.  It’s perfect.

Except if you’re a black or brown male. Continue reading

Wait a Minute! There *Are* Good Cops!


Source: GoFundMe

Today’s post is simply me reposting a feel good story I received from The Daily GOOD.  It’s a reminder that not all cops are bad.  Let’s find the good ones and support them.

Acclaimed rapper The Game made headlines last week when he joined Snoop Dogg for a peaceful protest march in Los Angeles that was designed to help foster better communications between the black community and the Los Angeles Police Department. But his latest move might be even more historic. Continue reading

Logic & Reason: 1; Hashtags: 0

After Tamir Rice was killed in Ohio, social media exploded with anger about the killing, as it explodes after every police shooting. In response, Governor John Kasich created committees to research police/community relations.  This led to the creation of new “use of excessive force” standards for the state of Ohio.  Fantastic, right? Not so much. Continue reading

Here’s What I’m Gonna Do About Cops Killing Black People

I hope we have vented and cried about how upset we are about the recent shootings in police-killings-statsBaton Rouge and Minnesota, and we’re now ready to DO something about it. Hashtags are not us doing something.

I heard Eric Garner’s mother make a powerful statement the day after the shooting:

“This [shooting of citizens by the police] is not a hashtag to me. This is my life. I will never see my son again.”

(I liberally paraphrased her, but you can find the actual quote if you Google it).

We can’t just hashtag our lives away. We have to DO something! So here’s what I do and will do. Continue reading

Mr. Baker – Don’t Let the Cops Kill My Sons



July 8, 2016

Rushern Baker
County Executive, Prince George’s County
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Dear Mr. Baker,

My name is Melissa Andrews. I live in the Perrywood community in Upper Marlboro. I have two sons, ages 8 and 5. The recent shooting of Alton Sterling has prompted me to write you.

My family has no plans to move from Prince George’s County. That means that my sons will grow up here. They will learn to drive here. Their first encounter with the police will most likely be in this county – a county that is still trying to overcome a reputation that includes a brutal police force. I have to tell you that I am terrified that my sons could be shot and killed during a stop with the police. Continue reading

Should I Let You Call Me Nigger?


This weekend, while a friend of mine was preaching at a black history event at a mostly white university, students on social media were making racial comments about him in particular and blacks in general.


The Adventist social media blogosphere was awash with comments about the incident; many called for the school to stop students from using Yik Yak and to get Yik Yak to identify the students in question so they could be “punished”. Continue reading