Should I Let You Call Me Nigger?


This weekend, while a friend of mine was preaching at a black history event at a mostly white university, students on social media were making racial comments about him in particular and blacks in general.


The Adventist social media blogosphere was awash with comments about the incident; many called for the school to stop students from using Yik Yak and to get Yik Yak to identify the students in question so they could be “punished”. Continue reading


Be Good to Megan


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So of course I had no idea that Megan Goode was embroiled at the center of a modesty scandal.  For the most part – I pay celebrities no mind.  They don’t mind me either, so I think it’s fair.  🙂  My cousins, as they usually do, have enlightened me.  I only have 250 words, so here’s what I’ll say on the subject. Continue reading

Shut Up!!

stem-jalenYesterday I called my parents to see how the boys were doing, and Jalen couldn’t wait to get on the phone.  “Mommy,” he said excitedly.  “Guess what?  I got second place for my STEM project!”

And the first thing I almost said – the sentence had already formed in my brain, but I somehow stopped myself from actually saying the words – was, “Who came first?” Continue reading