Akala – #forthewin

I do not have words to describe the pleasure I had listening to this interview.  This young man is AMAZING!  So, so, so articulate.  Once again, my little brother turned me on to something fantastic.  Thank you, Maxwell.  🙂

Akala talks about race relations in the UK, focusing on experiences of West Indians (he says Caribbeans – I hate that term :-D) who migrated to England, and their children’s experiences. There’s also a dash of the “myth of meritocracy” thrown in for additional flavor.  The story resonated heavily with me – myself a child of West Indian parents who migrated to the US.  But the power in his words is not that he discusses racism against blacks; it’s how he shows the oppression of those in power toward those WITHOUT power, regardless of skin color.

He is smart, well-read, honest, funny and transparent.  He tells a story about his elementary school teacher enrolling him in the special education track at his school once she realized HOW SMART HE WAS because she couldn’t abide a black person being smarter than white people. He tells this story without rancor, simply saying – she was just operating as her culture and society trained her.  Who are you, Akala?

Listen to this.  Buy his book.  Tell your little people (children) about this rapper / writer / lecturer / Shakespearean theater owner.  And then tell them to take two sets of notes (you’ll understand after you listen to the interview).


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