I’m Melissa, and I’m a talker. I also love writing. (Now I’m not a writer like a “real” writer with mood, angst, plot and all of that; I mostly write “stuff” – lol).  But, I write like I talk. So, a simple story can be pages long. Mind you, people generally enjoy what I write. They’ll say things like – “I felt like you were talking to me”, or “I felt as though I was listening to you talk.” But the truth is – I’m too wordy when I write.

I’ve had the opportunity to write for a couple of news organizations, and it’s always interesting to me how the editors cut my stuff. They still allow me to say what I have to say, but it’s so much cleaner and sharper.

As I was reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – the February 2013 book for my book club – Gretchen talked about how she started writing a blog, and I thought to myself, “Why don’t I see if I can blog about my day or some aspect of it, but limit myself to 250 words or less?”

And so here you have it – welcome to 250 Words Or Less. I get to tell you about some part of my day or topic that’s interesting to me, but I gotta do it quickly! :-). I’ll try to blog at least five days a week, so I’m really practicing.

Let’s see how it goes!

(word count: 238)

Addendum:  Starting January 1, 2014, I’ve increased the word count for the blog.  I’m taking part in Jeff Goins’ 500 Words a Day Challenge.  The challenge is to write at least 500 words each day in the month of January.  So there’s no limit on the length of the blogs.  On February 1, I’ll go back to my 250 word limit.


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