My German Chronicles – Day 1

I’m sitting at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International waiting to board a flight to Frankfurt. I’ll be in Germany for a week, visiting some Army customers. Jon – I’m going to miss doing this trip with you!! It’s my first trip to Germany – so I’m looking forward to it! The fun has started already. 
Usually, I arrive at the airport as late as I possibly can to still catch my flight. Lol. For today’s flight I decided I would break that tradition and get there almost two hours early. And we were doing great! Enjoyed brunch with the fam and was on schedule to arrive at Dulles at 1pm for a 2:50pm flight, when all the lights on the car’s dash came on and we stsrted to lose power. Fortunately, Vaughn was able to pull over to a little alley without incident. But the car wouldn’t start.
Long story short – my brother Paul came to the rescue, with jumper cables and all, and he took me to the airport. Made the flight with no issues! (Our alternator is dead tho. I am accepting donations to fix it! Lol). The IAD to ATL flight was uneventful and I’m hoping this leg will be also. 
Talk with you tomorrow, by which time I should have navigated my way to my hotel in my manual transmission rental car, and had my first customer meeting and demo. We are hitting the ground running! 
Auf Wiedersehen!
word count: 239