But If the Bulls Didn’t Have Jordan…


I haven’t been closely following this year’s NBA season. I used to be an avid (rabid is probably a more accurate word) fan. But over the past 10 years or so, my ardor has cooled. I catch up during the playoffs.

In my periphery vision, I knew that the Warriors were tracking the Bulls’ 72-win season. After reading an article Vaughn sent me today about Steve Kerr, I started clicking around and came across these stupid discussions about whether these Warriors are better than those Bulls. 

My answer is yes. The ’95-’96 Bulls had Michael Jordan, hands down the best player the game has ever seen. I am a visceral Jordan HATER.  The man single-handedly won a championship game playing with dysentery or some nonsense.  I would have tripped him or put something in his Gatorade – I hated him that much, mostly because of the many times he drove stakes into my heart when he beat my teams. (This is why I had to stop watching the NBA – it threatened my salvation).

Anyway – the Warriors have NO ONE who  comes CLOSE to being Jordan.  And they have won 71 games. Teams with better players than this Warriors team, including my beloved Lakers, have never won 70 games.

I’m confused.  Where is the problem?  One team had Jordan. I EXPECT them to win – he’s God, no? The other team has a bunch of good players. No Jordan. They are close to achieving the same goal. They’re better.

Are we hating?

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