I Might Be Ugly, But I’m Blessed

Yesterday at church the pastor’s sermon title was today’s blog topic. It’s something I never thought I’d hear discussed in church – the hurt that unattractive people feel when their looks are made fun of.

As someone who experienced quite a bit of that during high school – that time when we really start noticing that looks matter – it brought back some painful memories. But it also reminded me, as he said, how blessed I am.Β 

Although I never shared my experiences with any of my family members (immediate or extended), I was always confident in their love for me. It didn’t matter what others said – I knew I was loved. You can’t put a price on what you can accomplish knowing that people believe in you, and that there are always safe places where you can go (even if the homeowners didn’t know they were providing a safe place! Lol)

My experiences in high school have made it relatively easy for me to walk into practically any situation – a key part of what’s made me very successful at work. There’s not much anyone can throw at me that’s gonna make me flinch.

Lastly, as the pastor chronicled Leah’s emotional and spiritual growth as she named her sons, I was thankful for my strong spiritual foundation. I know many view spirituality as a crutch. I’m not here to change that viewpoint. I believe though, and I’m happy to have a God who loves me no matter what I look like.

word count: Β 248 words

(Kudos to Claudette Smith for capturing a typical Melissa pose. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ)


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