My Stubbornness Caused My Child’s Unhappiness


Image courtesy Buy Buy Baby

When Jalen was born, I developed an unhealthy fascination with car seats.  I read somewhere that the majority of children die in car accidents, either because they weren’t in a car seat, or the car seat was not properly installed.  I joined car seat boards.  I had my seat professionally installed.  I double checked the installation of any seat that I knew my child had to ride in.

Then it was time to buy a “big boy” seat.  I went nuts here too.  After hours of research, I decided on the Sunshine Kids / Diono Radian brand.  This was the perfect seat because it could hold kids up to 80 pounds, which meant I would be able to use this seat until he could use the car’s belt.  And, they didn’t expire for forever (yes, car seats expire!).

Recently, however, Joshua mentioned that the kids in his class were laughing at him because he was still in a “baby seat”.  “Phooey on them,” I said, and explained why his seat was the best ever.

Then, a couple of days ago, his father told me that as he was dropping the boys off at school, one of Joshua’s classmates passed by, commented about the “baby seat”, and that Joshua, almost in tears, asked him to please convince mommy to buy me a regular booster seat so my friends stop laughing at me.



Really, Melissa?  Allowing your child to be teased so you can make a point – to whom exactly?

So here is today’s to-do list:




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