Get You A Village!

villageEarlier this evening, I took these two rugrats and unceremoniously dumped them off at their aunt and uncle.  I was this close to sending them off to meet their Maker!

Yesterday was Christmas.  They were showered with all manner of gifts from adoring family members.  Today, their loving mother chauffeured them to a playdate with friends and cousins, after which they enjoyed a favorite meal of their choosing.

What did they do when they got home?  Smile and think contentedly about how fortunate they are, when compared to the millions of children in the world who didn’t even recognize that yesterday was Christmas because all they wanted was something to eat?  No – they proceeded to continue a stupid argument from earlier in the morning about a stupid game they got for their stupid gaming console, including raised voices and throwing of nunchuks.

Their father came to tell me that they should not be allowed to go to their scheduled sleepover at their cousin’s.  Negative.  I needed them out of the house so I wouldn’t kill them.

Dwayne and Tamara kindly took them in, laughed at me and sent me on my way.

I have done several loads of laundry while watching a movie, and have regained my composure. I  was even able to smile and comment positively when Tamara sent pics of them happily playing with the Voltron Paul got them for Christmas.

If you have kids and you don’t have a village, get you one now!



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