Today Sucked


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I found this image and laughed.  This morning I was like “Forget training!”  It was rough out there in those streets, folks!

I got up on time, had my oatmeal, filled up my Camelbak (this is now my absolutely favorite gadget), packed my protein bars and energy gels, and headed out.  The first 8 miles were cool.  Then I decided to be adventurous and do some road running. I headed to an area that seems very flat when I’m driving it.

Note to self:  These streets are not flat!

To be fair, they are definitely not hills, but when your quads are burning, anything that doesn’t stay level feels like a hill.  I had to take two walk breaks between miles 10 and 11.

I got to mile 13 and turned off the pace coach on my Runmeter app, because she kept telling me that I needed to increase my speed.  Lady – you’re lucky I’m still running!

Decided that I would run into the park so I could finish the run in the shade of the trees.  The first thing I see in the park is this guy hauling it.  He’s got no shirt on, chiseled chest, and he’s running like he’s floating on air.  Like Greg Applewhite.  I wanted to smack him.  Lol.

I struggled through mile 14 and was so excited when Runmeter lady announced that I’d completed 15 miles!  I actually got a burst of energy to finish.

Came home, showered, slept.

16 miles.  Painful, but completed.

***Wondering why I’m doing all this running?  Check it out!***



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