This is also a head game…

paramedics-running-memeMy friend Marlon sent me this picture; he said he thought about me and my running when he saw it.  This could have been me today, actually.  Lol.  I ended up not running today because on Thursday and Friday nights, I was working on some stuff and got only a few hours sleep each night.  We did a quick trip on Saturday, and when I realized we wouldn’t be home until early in the morning – I decided to push my Sunday run, as I totally didn’t feel prepared for it.

Because it’s so hot these days, and because I’m as slow as molasses, I try to get my runs in as early as possible, so that I avoid the heat.  Had I done that this morning, I would have had another night of just four or so hours sleep, and I wasn’t feeling doing 16 miles on a tired body.

About four weeks ago I did a really stupid 10-mile run.  I slept too late, decided to run without eating anything before I left the house, and ran out of water along the way.  That was not a pretty sight.  I didn’t want a repeat of that today, as I probably wouldn’t have finished the 16.  Took Jim and Lloyd’s advice to always listen to your body over the training plan.  Today my body was saying “I’m tired,” and my brain was saying “You’re not ready for this.”

Will hit the road early tomorrow morning!  The plan is to avoid the paramedics!


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