100 Days Left!

There are 100 days left until October 8 (it’s actually 99 days now – I should have sneakerswritten this blog this morning!  Lol).  I vacillate between thinking that’s a lot of time and that’s way too little time.  🙂  The one constant thing about time is that it really doesn’t care what you do – it just keeps moving along.  Today I ran three miles; Sunday I will run 16.  That seems mind-boggling to me.  The other day I told Lloyd that I’m feeling intimidated by this race.  He told me if I wasn’t feeling scared, then he’d be worried.  No coddling there. Lol.

He’s put my schedule in Training Peaks (a training program we use) through October 7.  I haven’t looked at it in its entirety – I just look at what I’m supposed to do for the week I’m currently in.  I feel as though if I actually see that I’m supposed to run some crazy distance, I’ll freak out.  Lol.  I figured this Sunday would be 16 miles, because I did 14 miles two weeks ago, and then we pulled back to 10 last week.  But I didn’t actually look until yesterday, so I could start to figure out where I’m going to run and what I need to do about water (I think I’m getting a Camelbak or something along those lines).

We’ve raised over $1,000 since I posted a couple of weeks ago – you guys are fantastic!  I totally appreciate all of the encouragement you’ve been giving.

If I survive Sunday, I’ll post.  Have a great weekend!

(Not sure what I’m talking about?  Check out “Why I’m Running Chicago“)


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