Long Run Sunday – Simple Math

Image courtesy Komodomath.com

The other day I had to schedule a conference call: I was going to be in MD, one coworker was in Cali, the customer was in Hawaii, and one other coworker in Germany. It was crazy trying to keep all the time zones straight. After lots of counting, I sent out the invite. And immediately realized that it was the wrong time! I’d subtracted three hours for Cali, instead of adding. Sigh. Lol. 

What does this have to do with my marathon?   I made a similar math miscalculation. After I finished my half on May 7, I was done. I had to cross the road to walk back to my car and I couldn’t even run across the road as the sign turned to “Don’t Walk”. I couldn’t imagine running anywhere else that day. But for some reason, it never clicked to me that in order to run any distance longer than 13 miles, I’d have to run 13 miles first. Lol. Duh Melissa!The realization that I’m gonna be running several half marathons (I’d never thought of it that way) between now and October was a bit intimidating. 

So I went back to simple math. This morning I ran 13 miles. +1. 

June 18 long run. Check. 

Why I’m running Chicago


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