Be Good to Megan


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So of course I had no idea that Megan Goode was embroiled at the center of a modesty scandal.  For the most part – I pay celebrities no mind.  They don’t mind me either, so I think it’s fair.  🙂  My cousins, as they usually do, have enlightened me.  I only have 250 words, so here’s what I’ll say on the subject.

Calling people out in public for their “sins”, because you “love them”, is not cool.  It’s not what Jesus would do.  Don’t believe me?  Jesus loved you so much that He….wait for it….died for you!  Yep – He decided that despite your sins (one of which is pride), He would DIE for you.  That’s how we love people.  Speaking of which, love “…doth not behave itself umseemingly…is not easily provoked…rejoiceth not in iniquity…”1

Secondly – why is it only sexual sins that cause us to say stupid things like, “Women must look out for their brothers [i.e., dress “modestly”] because they struggle with lust.”?  What?

This weekend, I visited a fabulous house.  I could call it a mansion.  I will never own such a house.  I coveted that house.  Would you tell the owner of the house, “Hey, you shouldn’t have bought such a fabulous home because you are not looking out for your brothers – you’re making them covet.”  Absolutely not!  So why must women be held accountable for men’s problems with lust?

People should probably worry more about their own failings instead of Megan’s modesty. #ijs

word count:  250

11 Corinthians 13:5,6


One thought on “Be Good to Megan

  1. I completely agree- I was so dumbfounded listening to the lady come at a fellow Christian in that manner and all I was thinking was when will we get to a point when we realize though we are all heading the same way we are at different stages in our walk with Christ so what you may already be convicted in or about I may not – but He is God and the fact that she has given her life to Him lets leave Him to do the work. I personally really don’t care what anyone wears – I am more concerned with the condition and position of our hearts. We are focusing on so much of the wrong things meanwhile people are out there dying without accepting the salvation that Jesus dies to give us all. #thereisnocardinalsin #gotalktoGodaboutyourownshortcomings #liveandletlive

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