My Vegan Egg Experiment


corn muffins made using flaxseed egg

Before I left for Arizona last week, I went grocery shopping, anticipating that if I got home, we’d be snowed in.  Operation #GetMelissaHome was successful. I rolled into the kitchen on Saturday morning ready to cook, only to realize with shock that I hadn’t bought eggs!!

For most people, this probably wouldn’t have been a problem, but all the men in my house are vegetarian.  I planned to make a couple of veggie loaves to span the days I anticipated we would be snowed in.  Most vegetarian loaves require…eggs.

What to do?  There was already a foot of snow on the ground.  No worries – I’d consult the Internet.  Vegans must substitute something for eggs.  They most certainly do, however substitutes that seemed to work best all needed to be bought at vegan stores.  Of course!  Lol.  But one substitute kept recurring – flaxmeal.  Guess who had lots of flaxmeal at home because she just finished a green smoothie detox??? Me!!!

I was still really skeptical that the flaxmeal would work and leery of wasting my veggie skallops so sent Vaughn over to the neighbor to borrow “real” eggs.  Lol.

Tonight I wanted to make corn muffins, but I’d used all my neighbor’s eggs, so…..I tried the flaxmeal.  Interesting results.  It changed the color of my muffins (they weren’t really golden), and the taste.  They were edible; they just weren’t plain corn muffins.


My takeaway?  They worked, sorta.  I still need real eggs, though. 🙂

word count: 250


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