Operation #GetMelissaHome


Original image courtesy derekkuryliw.com

Today, I tried to beat winter storm Jonas home – and won!  🙂  I left on a work trip on Wednesday, knowing that the storm was coming and that it was likely I’d get stuck some place that wasn’t Maryland.  Wanted to share some things I learned during the trip.


1.  Free flight changes.  If there is forecasted weather, many airlines will issue an advisory and allow you to change your flight, WITHOUT change fees and fare differences, if you travel between the same cities, during the time period that they indicate.  I tried getting a redeye home on Thursday night, but no luck.  Had I gotten a seat though, it wouldn’t have cost me anything.


Image courtesy delta.com

2.  My co-workers and management chain were very concerned that I got home.  Unlike most people traveling during this time, I was on the company dime.  Had I gotten stuck, I would have just pulled out the corporate card, booked myself a hotel and rental car, enjoyed a couple of good meals and chilled till I could get home.  Despite this, I received emails, texts and Facebook posts that let me know they were concerned about my getting home so I could be “stuck” with my family.  Loved that.


Image courtesy my Facebook page

And of course my Facebook “family” all cheered and encouraged me as I documented Operation GetMelissaHome through random pictures (thanks Cenella for the wonderful name).


Operation GetMelissaHome was a success and I am glad to be home.

word count: 250


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