The Poor You Have With You Always

Image courtesy of [graur razvan ionut] /

Image courtesy of [graur razvan ionut] /

This evening I went into my Pocket (see yesterday’s post for details on Pocket) and read the article “20 Things the Poor Really Do Every Day” on Ben Irwin’s blog.  It was written in response to an article on Dave Ramsey’s blog – “20 Things the Rich Do Every Day“.  I loved Mr. Irwin’s article.  I should let you know up front that I’m a graduate – twice – of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  I now teach a small group when we offer the class at our church.  We practice several of his recommendations at home.  I am an accountability partner for at least two friends. I, for the most part, agree with what he says.  But I was disappointed by the what-the-rich-do article.  Especially this line that Dave used in the comments that he appended to the list after, apparently, all hell broke loose when the blog was first published:  This list simply says your choices cause results. You reap what you sow.

Really?  The poor reap what they sow?  They choose to be poor? Continue reading

So Much To Read…So Little Time…



I sit here at 11:28 p.m. on Saturday night, again starting #My500words post much later than I planned. I went to an event this evening that I would have liked to skip, but did not think it was a politically wise thing to do. It also didn’t help that I got myself involved in the planning for the event.

So anyway, I log into WordPress, and see the most recent post from Blogs I Follow. It’s actually from WordPress, listing some of the highlights of 2013 postings. So I’m supposed to be writing my blog entry, but this post is interesting – I want to see what’s considered a highlight, so I stop to read it. And find some things that I want to read Continue reading

Is It A Real Book If It’s On Kindle?

Screenshot of my iPad's Kindle app

Screenshot of my iPad’s Kindle app

The other day some friends and I were having a discussion about our church bulletin.  Each week we publish a bulletin that contains the order of service for the day, and the study guide for the week.  We were in agreement that members weren’t really completing the study guide, and were throwing around ideas about how we might encourage more participation.  One friend suggested that we purchase 3-ring binders, place decorative covers on them and print the study guides on 3-hole-punched paper, so that members could take them home keep them in their binders.  This suggestion was met with looks of horror and exclamations of shock. Continue reading

Lars and the Real Girl

The other day I watched a Ryan Gosling movie – Lars and the Real Girl. It was unexpectedly good. If you haven’t seen it and have plans to, then stop reading as I’m about to share basically  the entire plot.   **SPOILER ALERT***

Lars is a kinda weird, quirky guy who shocks the entire town by purchasing a life-sized female doll and telling everyone that she’s his girlfriend. He acts as though she’s a real human and expects the others to do so as well. He explains away her inability to walk by placing her in a wheelchair. Continue reading

Extracurricular Activities

Today, I started the boys back in extracurricular activities. We’ve had them in various activities off and on, but I decided that I was not being a focused mom and needed to get my act together. Lol.  So Joshua went to swimming this evening and Jalen was supposed to start martial arts – however when he heard that Joshua was going swimming, he all of a sudden wanted to swim! I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to solve that. I really think the martial arts will help him to start concentrating more, but if he really wants to swim, why should I not let him do that? I’m not going to introduce two new activities yet though until I see how he handles having this new one added to his schedule. So we will decide tomorrow.

Both boys did swimming early. We went to “Mommy & Me” swim classes at Kids First Swim School. However, both boys “dropped out” of swimming school before their second birthday! :-(. Continue reading



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It finally hit.  Day 7 of the #My500Words challenge.  I have nothing to write about.  I’m also extremely sleepy, but I have to get 500 words in before midnight.  Earlier in the week, I joked with a friend who is also doing the challenge that writers must be very competitive people.  That was probably an over-generalization.  The people who’ve signed up for this challenge are probably very competitive!  Lol.

So here I am, trying to figure out what I’m going to say for the next 400 words or so.  Nothing interesting happened to me today.  I spent the day doing a lot of driving – taking my aunt on a couple of errands and then picking up a friend from the airport.  My friend had an interesting story – she was supposed to get back here to Maryland last Thursday, but she got caught up in the whirlwind of cancelled flights that swept the country. Continue reading

Random Musings of an Instagram Newbie


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On Christmas day 2013, my cousin and a close friend literally hijacked my phone and signed me up for Instagram.  I’ve resisted joining this social network for years because (1) I felt I was too busy – I was barely keeping up with Facebook and Twitter and (2) why would I want to go around taking and posting pictures – who’d want to see my pictures anyway?  But I have lots of friends who kept bugging me to keep up, and so I gave in to the pressure.

So I’ve been an Instagram user for almost two weeks now, and I thought I’d write a little about how things have gone so far.  To my surprise, I’ve actually enjoyed it! Continue reading

Give Me Music or Give Me Death!


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Tonight I thought about how wonderful the gift of music is.  Have you ever stopped to consider how many songs have been written over the existence of the world?  And even though I’m only considering the English-speaking world, with the 8-tone scale, I can’t wrap my head around what that number must be.  The mind-boggling thing is that people continue to write new music!  Yes, there are the occasional remakes, but for the most part, people are cranking out new music.  It’s absolutely amazing.

The other thing is the many different genres of music that have been created.  This Christmas I fell in love with the group Pentatonix and their PTXmas Deluxe album. Continue reading

The World at Your Fingertips


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Tonight I marveled at how the Internet has changed our lives. In the space of less than an hour, I refilled a prescription online, bought a book at Amazon and started reading it (adding highlights and notes along the way), and paid some library fines. All from the comfort of my living room, on my iPad.

Of course we can have the debate about whether Amazon is good or bad for the economy (as far as driving smaller bookstores out of business). We can talk about whether the Internet is making us less social people because I didn’t have to talk to anyone to refill that prescription and I didn’t interact with a librarian to pay my library fines. Continue reading

Of Heat and Other Warm Matters

My two pumpkins

[photo from Melissa’s iPhone 5C]

So here I am again, rushing to get today’s blog entry done before midnight!  It’s been a crazy couple of days, but I’m loving how in the back of my head I keep telling myself – “You gotta write your 500 words; you gotta write your 500 words.”  It’s great to have accountability!  I don’t even know Jeff Goins, but he’s playing a major role in my life these days.  How’s that for interesting?

It snowed here in the metro DC area last night. So of course, my two little boys have to get out into the snow. Continue reading