I Get By With A Lil Help…

Today at my church, we executed almost flawlessly on the idea my pastor had for how the service should flow. He allowed us to be a little creative, and it worked wonderfully. Tonight I feel the need to say thank you to the many people in my life who help me whenever I need it, who go along with what ever crazy idea I’m looking to bring to reality, who offer advice and encouragement – to my friends. “Friends” here includes family members, people who I’ve known for years, those I’ve just met, and so on. It’s just a broad category for trying to capture the people who have helped and continue to help me in various aspects of my life.   Because I would never be able to name every single person, I’m simply going to list broad areas here, so that I don’t unintentionally hurt anyone by not including their name.

Thanks to the people who say yes when I ask them to do something: those who readily agree, those who give in to my smiling persistence, and those who just indulge me.

Thanks to those who patiently go along with changes to the program and bumps in the road without losing their cool. Thanks to those who step out of their comfort level and reach for that little extra bit to do what we ask of them.

Thanks to those who ignore the fact that I’m asking something at the last minute and help anyway. Thanks to those who come through at the last minute.

Thanks to those who have noticed my tendency to try to do everything myself, and who offer, sometimes by strongly insisting, to take things off my plate, and then do said tasks at the level I would have done them myself, or even better!

Thanks to those who offer words of encouragement, who congratulate and affirm when things go well, who provide hugs when things are stressful, or don’t go so well. Thanks to those who know when to tell me I’m messing up, or have messed up. Thanks to those who see potential problems and alert me.

Thanks to those who hear little things I may mention, and get them done, or find answers to questions I may have just passingly asked.

A very special thanks to those who help take care of my children when I’m running around doing the million things I do.

Thanks to those who listen to me vent, who hear my fears and concerns, who make me laugh when I’m in danger of taking everything too seriously. Thanks to those who provide spiritual and emotional growth in my life.

Thanks to those who willingly share their brilliant talents, those who come together to work with others they may not know, those who are doing things simply because I asked them to.

Thanks to those who lift heavy furniture, who climb tall ladders, who go on shopping expeditions, who write, call, text, sing, play, run errands, do research, meet impossible deadlines, clean, decorate, fix things, recommend apps for my phone, good music, books, articles and interesting movies – thanks to all who go above and beyond to help me when I need it.

“Oh I get by with a little help from my friends…mmmm, going to try with a little help from my friends.” (Beatles)


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