So Much To Read…So Little Time…



I sit here at 11:28 p.m. on Saturday night, again starting #My500words post much later than I planned. I went to an event this evening that I would have liked to skip, but did not think it was a politically wise thing to do. It also didn’t help that I got myself involved in the planning for the event.

So anyway, I log into WordPress, and see the most recent post from Blogs I Follow. It’s actually from WordPress, listing some of the highlights of 2013 postings. So I’m supposed to be writing my blog entry, but this post is interesting – I want to see what’s considered a highlight, so I stop to read it. And find some things that I want to read – 23 Things to do before you get married at 23; a pastor’s foray into a year without God; 20 things the poor really do every day, and a couple more. But I’m not supposed to be reading. I’m supposed to be writing this blog entry, and getting it finished before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Lol.

So in comes Pocket to the rescue! What is Pocket? A gift from the gods! Lol. It’s an app that allows you to save the URL of any web article you come across so you can read it later (this was its former name – ReadItLater), when you have time. Brilliant, no? Of course you could do the same thing with bookmarks in your browser, but an app is so much cooler! :-).

You have the ability to tag items you save, if that type of classification is important to you. I’m not that organized yet. I just save the URLs and videos that I’m interested in reading and watching, and go through them sequentially when I have time. You of course have the ability to do regular searches of the titles or URL you’ve saved. You can also highlight your favorite reads – I tend to delete most content after reading though, just so I’m not cluttering up my space. There’s also not been a whole lot of content I’ve wanted to keep after reading through it once.

Pocket provides the ability for you to easily save your URLs. You can email a URL to your Pocket account. I never do this. Some apps will allow you to configure Pocket as your “read later” app, and they’ll have a one-click method for you to save the URLs you’re looking at (my twitter app Tweetbot does this and I love it!). The latest version of the app allows you to choose to save your most recently copied URL. I use this one all the time too. If I find something I’m interested in reading later, I copy the URL, open Pocket and click the Add button that pops up asking me if I want to save the last URL I copied. It’s easy and simple to use. If you’re on your computer and use Google Chrome as your browser, you can install a Pocket extension that allows a one-click save of any URL in your browser to Pocket.

Once in Pocket, it’s really easy to navigate around your saved articles. The iPad version of the app is awesome. Once you’ve finished reading, you can also choose to share the URL with a friend, delete it, keep it, tag it or archive it. It’s a great, simple but useful app, and I’d highly recommend it.

So it’s 11:47 now., and I’m going on 600 words. Very proud of myself as I was yawning about every 3 minutes! Lol. I am tempted to go read that 23 things article. Tempted, but I think sleep will win out. Let me find an image for this post and then I’m out.


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