Extracurricular Activities

Today, I started the boys back in extracurricular activities. We’ve had them in various activities off and on, but I decided that I was not being a focused mom and needed to get my act together. Lol.  So Joshua went to swimming this evening and Jalen was supposed to start martial arts – however when he heard that Joshua was going swimming, he all of a sudden wanted to swim! I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to solve that. I really think the martial arts will help him to start concentrating more, but if he really wants to swim, why should I not let him do that? I’m not going to introduce two new activities yet though until I see how he handles having this new one added to his schedule. So we will decide tomorrow.

Both boys did swimming early. We went to “Mommy & Me” swim classes at Kids First Swim School. However, both boys “dropped out” of swimming school before their second birthday! :-(. Jalen did a little stint when he was five, but I haven’t really been focusing on this. I would like them to know how to swim properly – not the little fake thing I know how to do. Lol. I think we are on the path. Joshua had a ball at class tonight. He totally enjoyed it and told me he can’t wait to go back. That was music to my ears. And now Jalen is saying he might want to focus there. So we will see.

As I mentioned, I haven’t yet gotten caught up with the extracurricular activities – though if I think of it – the boys can get pretty busy on the weekend. We definitely have not started them in any official sports programs. I sometimes question myself about this, especially when I hear my co-workers talking about their children (who are my sons’ ages) playing basketball, soccer and baseball. However I think I have decided that we will take a little slower approach or look at organized sports a little differently. I am not ready for drama!! Lol.

I also want to get them involved in music as an extracurricular activity. They both love to sing, and they sing in the children’s choir at our church. But I also want them to learn to play the piano. My brother, sister and I all took piano lessons, and I always said this was something I’d want my children to do. So I need to get rolling with the ball. Jalen will be seven this year!! I was seven when I started piano lessons myself. Both Vaughn and I can teach him, but I think it will be easier for us and him if we have someone else teach him. Maybe I’ll post another day on how much a parent should get involved in their children’ extracurricular activities.

I readily admit that I am still learning as a parent. If you have real world ideas on what I should or shouldn’t be doing, please share 😇


One thought on “Extracurricular Activities

  1. I was just about to say you and Vaughn could teach but never mind. Lol! This is great! Little siblings oftentimes want to do what the older sibling is doing. lol. I hated it when I was younger but now I think it’s cute to see in siblings. lol.


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