Why My Blog Posts Will Now Be 500 Words, Not 250!


[photo courtesy Jeff Goins – goinswriter.com]

Yesterday I saw a tweet on my timeline about Jeff Goins’ My 500 Words Writing Challenge. I was intrigued and excited. I wanted to do more writing in 2014. I’m the Communication Director for my church and I planned to write for our blog once a week. Last year it was hit or miss – I wrote whenever I felt that the blog was getting stale. I also wanted to pick back up this blog, and my family blog – which I think hasn’t been updated since my little man’s first birthday. He’s now three! Bad mommy! Lol. So here I am, frantically trying to get in my 500 words for today, as the clock shows 11:34 p.m.! My goal is to write for each of those blogs at least once a week.

So the first thing I’m going to do is ask your indulgence as the posts I write for January, per the rules of Mr. Goins’ challenge, all have to be 500 words or more. Just letting you know that I haven’t forgotten how to count! 🙂

I wrote yesterday – did an entry for the church blog. So today is my first “official” #My500Words post, and I think I’ll make it a “New Year’s resolutions” type of thing – since I started that way in the top paragraph.

In addition to writing more, I need to pick back up my reading. Time has gotten tight with a 6-year-old first grader (I’ll do a post later on the amount of homework these little people get), and the aforementioned 3-year-old, who is still at home (and who recently has turned into a spelling monster. Every time I turn around, he’s asking me how to spell some word. It’s crazy. Actually – I’m kidding. It’s wonderful – he’s smart and precocious and I love him! Even when he tells me that ‘hurry’ doesn’t have two R’s). I use Goodreads to track my reading. Two years ago, I did a 50-books-for-the-year challenge. I read 43. Good? Last year should have been better, right? Wrong. Abysmal was more like it. I got through 14. Ridiculous. So I really want to get back on my reading grind.

I also need to get back into running. I ran the Army 10-miler two years ago and haven’t really run seriously since. I am thinking strongly about signing up for a 5k I saw that will be held on February 2. *Thinking* is the operative word. We’ll post more on that later too.

Finally, I think I want to learn something new this year. I really am a busy person, but I’m busy doing things I always do. I think I need to grow a bit and challenge myself more. I’ve been thinking about learning to play the guitar. I mentioned this to some girlfriends at dinner this evening, and they were very encouraging. Dawn told me that she could see me playing the double bass. What? This secretly has been a dream of mine for years. I imagine myself in some dimly lit nightclub or jazz bar, playing Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” with an awesome pianist and crazy drummer. Learning stringed instruments when you’re old (older than 3) is hard though, I’ve been told. Ah well – maybe I’ll take the spelling 3-year-old with me and we can learn together.

Done! I’m at 538 words and it’s 11:49 p.m. Good night to all!! Oh shoot – I gotta get the picture in….


One thought on “Why My Blog Posts Will Now Be 500 Words, Not 250!

  1. The double bass!!! That would be soooooo dope! I love it! well actually, I love all your challenges: guitar, reading and writing more, etc. You can do it!


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