We Didn’t Win the Lottery :-(

The other day I received the following email:


the you-didn’t-win email

Needless to say, while I was disappointed, I hadn’t really expected to win.  A chance to take the boys to the White House and possibly meet the Obamas?  Those kind of things don’t happen to me!

What I was pleasantly surprised about was that the National Parks took the time to respond to the losers!  I expected to receive notification if I’d won, but didn’t expect to receive anything if we weren’t selected.  Getting the notification let me know I could put *my* hopes to rest (since, as parents know, you NEVER tell toddlers about any event that you do not have COMPLETE CONTROL over, because of the weeping, wailing and recriminations that occur if you can’t deliver.  So the boys were clueless about their potential meeting with Sasha and Malia).


from beyond.customline.com

When I’m job hunting, I wish people who received my resume would respond to me if I didn’t make the cut.  I’d be happy with a form letter that let me know Company A wasn’t considering me.  What I’d like even more is if I made it to the interview phase, but lost out to someone else, they’d send me a note saying *why* they didn’t pick me.  We’d all be much sharper interviewees if we could correct the mistakes we made in previous interviews.  Wouldn’t this also benefit companies that are hiring?

Just my two cents – I’ll put them toward a lottery ticket!  🙂

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