Don’t Forget!



A couple of weeks ago I came across this website –  The concept?  Give your cell phone number, the date and time you want to be reminded about something, the message you want to be reminded about, and they’ll send you a text message reminding you about it.  And the service is free!

Why would you need this if you have a to-do app on your smartphone that sends reminders when tasks are due?  For me, unfortunately, my to-do app (Priorities)  which I LOVE, is lacking in that it doesn’t make a noise when it sends reminders.  So…if I’m not actually looking at the phone at the time the reminder pops up, I never see it.  But the reason I see others needing it is that you can use it to schedule sending text reminders to other people and not have to remember to do it yourself!!  Want to remind your husband to stop at the grocery?  Create the alert, and you don’t have to think about it again.  Want to remind your girlfriends to be on time for dinner?  Schedule the reminder, and OhDontForget will take care of it for you.

Two caveats:  the text messages come “near” the time you specify – sometimes they’re a little late.  But I think that’s a small price to pay for the convenience.  The free version also doesn’t allow you to include phone numbers in your text.  Again – a minor point.  Give it a test run!

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