Book Club = My Social Gathering for Rejuvenation

I love my book club! We’ve been meeting every fourth Sunday for about the past four years. We don’t have any rules (except that we don’t read romance novels), and we’re very low key. For example – you can still come to club meeting if you haven’t read or finished the book. And there have been months when all of us haven’t read or finished the books. [By the way, we generally do read our books!! Usually when folks haven’t finished the book, it’s because we all didn’t like it.]

What keeps me coming back is the diversity and different perspectives these young women bring to the table – and the laughter. Whether we’re getting heated about The New Jim Crow or we’re talking about how we were scared to turn the pages in Patricia Cromwell’s Postmortem, when we’ve moved on from the month’s book and are just discussing random topics [today’s topic was in-laws] – there is lots and lots of laughter.

Some of us are close friends, while others of us only see each other on the one Sunday we meet each month. But we’ve shared and supported each other through illnesses, we’ve given and received advice on children, spouses, jobs, finding workers for odd jobs around the house, hairdressers, and more. Our fearless leader, Sunny D, who’s in several book clubs, calls us her “Sistafriends” book club. I look forward to my get-togethers with these forward-moving, affirming sista-friends of mine. They help keep me going.

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3 thoughts on “Book Club = My Social Gathering for Rejuvenation

    • Lyndon wants to start one. Tamara thinks Dwayne would join – if y’all promise to read social treatises. Lol. I’ll be sure to get my boys involved in them. As with most things, if exposed to it early enough, it seems “normal” when you’re grown. 🙂


      • Cool. I would read anything that’s interesting. Also, that’s why I I want my girls to learn to love math (is that still an issue?) and do things with their hands (even if their Dad doesn’t love building or fixing things, beyond software. lol)


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