Google Saves the Day!

On Tuesday night, I went out to help a friend transport some stuff in our van.  We needed extra space, so Vaughn and I jalen-car-seattook the car seats out of the van.  When I got home, I tried pulling into the garage, as I normally do, and was surprised when my progress was blocked.  Yep – I’d been trying to drive over Jalen’s car seat.

Now, Jalen’s seat was already looking a bit worse for the wear – he’s had it since he was about five months old (but it’s a Sunshine Kids Radian 65: supposed to hold him until he’s at least 65 pounds – he’s not near there – or he outgrows the shoulder straps – has one more to go).  However, my attempting to drive over it with my dirty tire didn’t help matters any.  We washed it, but it still was a mess.  Probably a good time to get a new cover, I thought. I went online to look for the seat, but couldn’t find it.  Amazon didn’t have it, and I couldn’t find  What on earth?  Google tells you everything though, and I soon realized that Sunshine Kids had changed their name to Diono.  Unfortunately, they’d discontinued the Radian65.  Now what?

Once again – Google to the rescue.  A post in a random car seat forum suggested that I call Diono and see if they had any Radian65 covers still in stock.  Brilliant!  My new cover (got the same color!) ships soon.  As you can see – we really need it!  🙂

(word count:  248)


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