God’s Gonna Bless You Jalen…

This weekend my husband and I attended a marriage retreat. Nothing too earth-shattering there, except that there was a section on being a good mommy that got me in full panic mode. We kept our eldest son, Jalen, home this year (he’s 5 and should be in kindergarten), telling ourselves that we would home-school him and send him off to school next year.

Well guess who’s not been teaching him anything?

So before his bedtime this evening, Jalen and I spent some time going over sight words and consonant block pronunciations (br, cl, ch, etc.). Fortunately, he was in a good mood, and we actually had fun doing it. (I’ll definitely blog about how long this SuperMommy phase lasts…)

But here’s the thing that brought tears to my eyes. The facilitator of the “you better be good mommies” section told us how her husband had a little phrase he’d used with their children when they were growing up. He would say, “God’s gonna bless you [child],” and the child would end the phrase by saying, “But I gotta be obedient.” Dad would add other positive words (loving, respectful, etc.) to the phrase as the child’s memorization skills grew.

I decided that was a cute, positive idea I wanted to implement with my boys, and tried it out with Jalen. I tapped him on the nose as I said, “God’s gonna bless you Jalen…” and he happily responded, “but I gotta be obedient.” And then said, “Let’s say it again, mommy.”

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